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Contributions for this animation based Job Creation project is welcomed in any form. The following person(s) have contributed their own efforts, rather than monetary:

Aleksey (last name withheld by request). Thank you.

Story Synopsis:

Late one evening in downtown Seattle, Mel Gray Eagle meets Jenny Mayor, a disarming and enthusiastic member of a bizarre new millennium sub-culture. Jenny introduces him to a handful of her colourful friends and he soon discovers shocking secrets about each one of them. 

Earth's destiny is redefined through futuristic science, twists in time, spiritual revelation, earth-changes, magical wonders, nightmarish horror, sci fi, fantasy, terrifying events in late 1800's Seattle, a magnificent machine that spans time and hyperspace, and the wisdom of an ancient Nez Perce hero.

DCAE edition history, for collectors:

Ed. 1. Un-cut. Light editing.

Ed. 2. Change of publisher. More editing.

Ed. 3. Updated science. A little editing.

Ed. 4.  (Current) Director's Cut.  No hardback available. 

Change of publisher & some content improvements.