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NEED that quick "Wind Cave" (Abridged) purchase link?

There are two ways to purchase from this site. One; click the button in this section. Second; go to the purchase links by county in the blogs. While shopping, search for "Descending Circles Ascending Earth" 

(DCAE audiobook in production, with Adam R. Watson as narrator / producer)

Please visit Colin's release link --> Click the "Release Information" button.

Scroll down Colin's page to the bottom for the RETAIL audio SAMPLE 

The Wind Cave audiobook is currently available through . 

Amazon and iTunes to follow, soon. SEE PROMO CODES, below this section. Additionally, you can contact Colin for codes. His link is the "Release Information" button.

 Note: ACX Promo Codes can only be redeemed at and 

Out dated - DEAD - links

Since I've changed my publisher, and my web site construction, there are a few dead links on the internet. When in doubt, simply type and use the navigation at the top of this page. You can also use to take you directly to my current novel project. If you visit that site, hold on to your hats--

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