WIND CAVE - John Eric Ellison

Wind Cave

Wind Cave

John Eric Ellison

A Novel of Mystery, Murder, and the Supernatural


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Wind Cave Synopsis:

Beverly Winston was sadistically murdered in her home and then, for bizarre reasons, the murderer buried her body at the Oregon Wind Cave. Ms. Winston's restless spirit set in motion a series of paranormal events that drew a young boy, Ronny, and a few of his friends into the deepening mystery surrounding her death. She would not rest until her murderer was caught.

Ronny Hazelwood and his young companions are swept up in a tangible struggle between marauding manifestations of good and evil and are themselves directly responsible for the materialization of yet another unexpected, hungry, and terrifying intruder. What begins as a murder investigation leads to the tearing down and ripping away of perceived veils between natural and supernatural worlds.

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Literary Review:

In Wind Cave, John Eric Ellison has greatly improved on the ordinary murder mystery by including the undeniable realm of the spiritual. Anyone who has passed through an eerie cold spot or had arm hair stand up on end inexplicably will relate to this suspenseful thriller. The unpredictable tale will keep you reading into the late hours and give you much to ponder well after the last page has been read. Ellison has successfully created a "must-read."

- Teasi Cannon, teacher, free-lance writer, reviews

Review in National Speleological Society newsletter - April 2006: CLICK HERE.


Special thanks to April Huey, now working for the Redmond, Oregon, Sheriff's Department. She helped to coordinate the information I received from the Sheriff's department in Bend, Oregon, pertaining to the facts available about Beverly's tragic murder. Although this book is fiction it is based on real events and I do hope interest in this book will draw attention back to this case. Cold cases can be reopened.

Author's Request: I was told that this case cannot be reopened for reinvestigation using facts and available DNA evidence unless there is "Public Interest." Please e-mail with your interest. I will collect your requests and pass them on to the appropriate sources.



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