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Past and Present

  This mind-blowing novel is in the final editing stage. Like "Descending Circles Ascending Earth," the plot is ambitious, but this one has fewer main characters. It starts with action and gets more exciting, and startling, as you read. I hope that it will broaden readers perceptions of reality. Step over boundaries and shove against limitations of what can and should be written about.

Yes, read the free chapter. Formulate your opinions. Share them with me. I can tell you this; whatever you THINK is happening-- it's not.  In case you came to this page using LethalLife.net , you may find the link to the short on the page from the "WORKS" drop-down, " FREE TO READ SHORT STORIES & SUNDRIES ." Or, simply click the image above.

Since my passion is mythology, past and present, you will find those in abundance in Lethal Life. In DCAE northwestern myths are woven together into a cohesive story-line. Not having seen that done before it was an exciting project . Lethal Life is global.

Several people have inspired, are inspiring, me as I edit, and they deserve a note of thanks: Richard Ong, my editor, friend, and muse. Don Webb, senior editor at BwS, for critique and encouraging me to pursue this novel and giving me several ideas to chew on.

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Before reading the Lethal Life short, read up on ancient Middle Eastern mythology. Here's a place to start

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Art by Richard Ong

Lethal Life - Illustration by Richard Ong

Bewildering Stories illustration for the short story (novel excerpt)

Richard's  note, below, about the image above gives some incite as to where the novel will take you:

"Evolution comes in many forms. It need not be a direct lineage of our faulty human nature. Many of you have heard of cybernetics – a branch of engineering that attempts to either replace or augment human functionality with technology. 

"The second artwork for Lethal Life is a satirical abstract representation of this controversial branch of science. I drew part of my inspiration from an earlier literature by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. By showing how the human brain can be brutally augmented by puncturing the proverbial grey matter in several places using a network of pulsating fiber optic implants, I hope to depict an artistic protest that we need to slow down and perhaps appreciate the snail's pace elegance of our own natural evolution."

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