Gallery Wall

Torn from the pages of
Jimmy Johns art portfolio
Displayed here by permission of the artist

Swirl X-Files X-Files

Swirl Species Species

Swirl DHC'98 Dark Horse 98

Swirl Convert Convert

Swirl Duel Logo Dual

Swirl Reptiles Reptiles


Most of the work seen here was done during my stay with Dark Horse Comics. Some was freelance and some was done in my 8 hour a day stints. I have a degree from Oregon State University (where they didn't think computers would be an important part of my career as an Illustrator ...
good thing I don't listen well.

X-FILES -- This piece was done for Dark Horse as a convention graphic to promote their X-Files series. I think it never saw the light of day, and they used another option I made.

Species -- Also done for Dark Horse as a convention graphic. It is missing some type and some blood splashes that really makes it look better (I'll try to find that version).

DHC'98 -- I made this logo right before my departure. I think it is now being used on all their new business cards and as a "fresh start" logo.

Convert -- I made this under freelance guidance with Columbia Sportswear. It was used as a catalog break in one of their catalogs. Originally, I made the globe look like it was plowing through the snow-they nixed that for this version, which makes it look like its floating.

Duel logo -- Another logo made for Dark Horse.

Reptiles -- This is part of a page I colored for the Age of Reptiles series from Dark Horse Comics. Originally, the page didn't have the bubbles.


Hope you enjoy

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