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Lethal Life (Chapter 2)

This is a complete short story. It is a flashback segue and a peek behind the black curtain into Earth's most dangerous cabal. Nothing is worse-- as you will see. Color coded 'narrative' shifts only occur in this 'short.'

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The Excellence of Oysters

James wins the United States first Social Security lottery. What follows is a story heavily influenced by Franz Kafka. 

The hero of this story is up for grabs. 

You tell me. 

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goodreads review of Wind Cave

There are several reviews available, however this one is from a young person's perspective. Most of the reviews I've seen are written by adults.

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Wind Cave's release trailer is available using the link below. Please stay in touch. Pre-purchase links date will be August 5th, next month.

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The Value of "Bewildering Stories"

The two short stories on this page were published by Bewildering Stories, the oldest (17 going on 18 years) most well-respected e-zine out there. Free to read.

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